Dakota tribe, environmentalists harass pipeline investors

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is pressuring Norway’s sovereign wealth fund to divest itself from the multi-billion dollar Dakota Area Pipeline.

The Daily Caller reports that the tribe is allegedly urging the Norwegian bank known as DNB ASA to sell its share of loans to the pipeline which would end the fund’s involvement.

Environmentalists and Standing Rock tribal leaders oppose the Dakota Area Pipeline due to their belief that it will end up on tribal land and pollute the tribe’s water. Meanwhile anti-fracking activists are reportedly pressuring Citi Bank, TD Bank of Canada and other lenders to end their involvement in the pipeline too.

Not only is the pipeline not being built on tribal land, Reuters reported during November the Standing Rock tribe has a water treatment plant that was built in 2009 and, according to state environmental regulators, can greatly reduce contamination risks.

These are other actions on the part of environmentalists and their like-minded American Indian allies who are hostile to economic growth and the ability of people to have access to cheap, affordable sources of energy that are used to power people’s homes and the places they work. They are nihilistic primitivists who seek to force mankind to live in a new Dark Age and revere time periods when mankind lived like savages as their moral ideal.