EPA head Scott Pruitt won’t drain agency swamp?

Some shocking allegations by UK Telegraph columnist James Dellingpole. According to an op-ed he wrote that is posted at Breitbart, President Trump’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Bob Pruitt, is more interested in building his political capital than he is about cleaning up the corruption at the EPA.

Pruitt is also said to be behind attempts to remove at least one of the key phrases from the president’s long-awaited Executive Order on the environment.

It concerns a proposal to repeal the EPA’s Endangerment Finding on CO2 (the disastrous, unscientific, job-killing ruling introduced during the Obama Administration, which rebranded the harmless trace gas Carbon Dioxide as a dangerous substance).

If Pruitt is successful and this clause is removed from the Executive Order it will represent a major setback for President Trump’s war with the Climate Industrial Complex. It may also put into jeopardy the promises Trump made on the campaign trail to scrap “any regulation that is outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers, or contrary to the national interest.”

In the end, Pruitt’s intentions (if the allegations are true) are truly insidious.

Since taking on the position, though, his appetite for doing what he was appointed to do appears to have diminished somewhat. True, his credentials as a climate sceptic are not much in doubt. Yes, he might even agree with President Trump that there’s a swamp out there that sorely needs draining. The problem is, insiders explain, is that the future of the EPA is of far less interest to Pruitt than his prospects of becoming either one of Oklahoma’s next senators or its next governor.

If running for Senator or Governor of Oklahoma is his intent, Pruitt is setting himself up for a fall. Dellingpole states that Pruitt’s actions have already earned him blowback from the President and Pruitt’s Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson may have a hand in his boss softening his positions. Oklahoma is a very conservative state and if Pruitt keeps this up he may end up finding out how intolerant the state’s voters can be when they find out Scott Pruitt stabbed the President in the back.

President Trump needs administrators, like Pruitt, to follow through on their stated duties by cleaning up their agencies by rooting out the corruption in them. If Scott Pruitt or any other appointee of the President can’t or won’t do it, i agree with Dellingpole’s point that they should give it to someone who will.