Donald Trump to issue sweeping reversal of Obama’s climate policies

He is over two months into his Presidency and, according to Bloomberg, Donald Trump is set to issue a sweeping executive order reversing much of Barack Obama’s energy policies as early as tomorrow. President Trump has already whittled away at them by reversing Obama’s restrictions on coal mining, reversed offshore oil drilling restrictions, appointed an energy-friendly head of the Environmental Protection Agency and is set to de-fund federal programs that subsidize research which transmit climate alarmism.

The President’s new executive order, Bloommberg states, will require federal agencies dismantle the infrastructure of Obama’s Clean Power Plan that that enacted climate controls on coal mining geared to combat climate change. The order will result in some carbon emission restrictions being removed immediately while others may take a little more time. Hopefully, it will result in reviving coal as a source to fuel electricity production. This, in turn, will help bring back much needed coal mining jobs that were lost when President Obama instituted his scheme.

The President’s energy policy has been nothing short of spectacular. Center for Industrial Progress head Alex Epstein has praised Trump’s energy policy as being the best of any president since Reagan. Below is a radio interview he did with Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespe shortly after Donald Trump won the Presidency to discuss the President’s policies and his book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.