Green groups vow to sabotage North Dakota pipeline with guerrilla tactics

Despite President Trump’s approval, the North Dakota Area Pipeline (NADPL) faces fierce opposition from environmentalist groups. The Washington Times quotes activists who have vowed to stop the pipeline’s construction. Pipeline opponents are quoted as saying they will even set up encampments along the pipeline’s route including within the route itself in hopes of blocking it.

Our dedication to stop this pipeline isn’t just for the future determination of our lives as human beings but also for the future of all generations of life, and that we stay true to the understandings of protecting mother earth to the fullest degree and do it in a prayerful way,” Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, told reporters on a conference call Friday in which a coalition of tribal and environmental groups outlined their strategy.

We fully expect to stand united and to continue resistance and carry forth the fire of mobilization in the fight we saw against the Dakota Access pipeline to this next project here,” he continued.

The NADPL is part of the Keystone XL pipeline which, when completed, will be able to transport thousands of gallons of crude oil extracted from Canadian tar sands into the United States. The conflict over this pipeline is a perfect example as to what is at stake in the overall controversy with fossil fuels.

On one side are environmentalists and Indian activists whose opposition to the NADPL is based on mysticism. On the other is Energy Transfer Partners who supported its assertions and made the case for its construction based on the facts. Energy Transfer Partners obtained the permits and was able to successfully defend their pipeline in court. Ultimately, the pipeline opponents oppose as part of their effort to halt the distribution of fossil fuels. It would be interesting to find out how much fossil consumption protesters used in order to travel and participate in their savage, anti-life endeavor.