Animal “rights” group threatens MI canine store

A controversy erupted over the opening of a Barking Boutique in Grandville, Michigan recently. According to MLive, some local residents and animal rights supporters took it upon themselves to oppose the opening of the store but it cannot be prevented from opening since it meets a three tiered criteria as outlined by Michigan law. Not surprisingly, opponents accuse Barking Boutique gets its supply of young canines from so-called puppy mills.

What should be of note are remarks made by one of animal rights activist named Mark Martin who attended a recent meeting of the Grandville city council:

During his remarks, Martin reminded the council and all in attendance on how unrelenting local animal rights activists have been when fighting Boelkes’ first two quests to open shop in West Michigan — one in Kentwood at the Woodland Mall and another in Muskegon.

Some plan to stage a protest in front of the puppy boutique, a 1,500-square-foot storefront, at 2939 Wilson Ave, once it opens sometime next month.

“I can assure you that this time the opposition is no less committed to the idea that is a bad idea,” Martin said. “We want to see the growth of Grandville to continue but not at the expense of our canine friends. The eyes of the state are upon us. How will we respond?”

If their previous actions, as stated by Martin, are any indication, no doubt that the animal rights will continue to oppose Barking Boutique even after it opens in downtown Granville. The owner of the business is making his third attempt at opening a puppy shop but the two others he was blocked. Martin’s statement will develop into one since animal rights groups oppose pet shops.

So-called animal rights groups hate the idea of people having animals owned or bred for domesticated purposes. They not only consider anima ownership a form of cruelty, but also use broad generalizations and outright lies in order to further their cause. They seek to prevent the usage of animals for ownership by humans but also to destroy our economy.

Animal rights is not only a means of achieving the end of sacrificing mankind to the needs of nature, but also to achieve the goal of subjecting mankind to the savagery of the animal kingdom since it is the barbarism of that world that the opponents of Barking Boutique and groups like PETA worship.