Hunter disputes Greenpeace’s claim seals suffer when killed

The Atlantic Canadian seal hunt is taking place in Nova Scotia and one hunter is up in arms (pun intended) about Greenpeace’s lying about what happens to seals when they are killed.

The Chronicle Herald quotes seal hunter Leo Hearn who condemns Greenpeace for using propaganda from forty years ago in order to slander the annual event. Hearn states there are three steps allowed by law when participating in the cull.

Seals are shot in the head with a .22 caliber rifle or clubbed in the head in which both methods result in instant death. The animals must then be bled for over a minute by cutting two main arteries located behind a seals front flippers. Only then can the animal be skinned and its blubber and meat are then sold off.

Before anyone can participate in the seal hunt, hunters have to get permits and have to take required training classes. Anyone who breaks the rules not only has their licenses revoked but can also fined thousands of dollars.

However, environmentalist groups have a reputation that proceeds them when it comes to their opposition to and lyign about hunting seals and even whales animals. Back in 2015, Greenpeace reversed their opposition to the Inuit whale hunt.

National Post points out the controversy surrounding Greenpeace in Nunavut is the result of their 30 year opposition to whale and seal hunting. Greenpeace is not only blamed by the Inuit tribe for destroying one of the region’s only revenue sources the Inuit depended on, but for driving once-proud hunters to welfare dependency and even suicide. What happened to the Inuit tribe is what Greenpeace wants to happen to the Nova Scotia locals who benefit from seal hunting.

The seal hunt is not only of enormous economic benefit to Nova Scotia communities but it also helps to keep the population of seals down so the stock of cod fish remain plentiful.

Environmentalists like to portray their efforts of saving animal species as a noble gesture conjuring up images of popular films (ex: Bambi, Free Willy or Blackfish) in an attempt to pull at our heartstrings. Yet if one considers the sinister intent of their actions with animals, like seals, one realizes the mischievous reason why environmentalists oppose hunting and curbing animal populations. It is nothing more than a back handed attempt to continue to try to inhibit the consumption of animals (in this case cod fish), drive people into poverty in order to destroy any semblances of civilization with the end goal of killing people off down the line.