Mehla Shriners Circus brings back animal acts, PETA whines

Last year Melha Shriners Circus decided to nix using animals in its circus acts. The organization did so in light of other circuses coming under fire for using animals in their acts due to allegations of animal cruelty being brought to light in other circuses.

After not using animals for a year turned out to be unprofitable, the circus decided to go back to its original format of using animals for its live acts. After their decision was announced, not surprisingly, PETA got upset and sent a letter to Shriners organization condemning the move.

“Reinstating animal acts in the hope of bringing in more money not only is misguided but also flies in the face of the Melha Shriners’ mission to foster “the perpetuation of moral values,” said John Di Leonardo, senior campaigner for PETA, in a letter to Raymond Turrini, potentate for the Melha Shrine.

“There is nothing moral about how animals used in circuses are beaten and whipped to force them to perform and kept chained and caged in between shows,” Leonardo said.

The Shriners organization is a fraternal organization that was started during the 19th century, respectfully, and the circus is one of the methods the group uses to raise money. By PETA using Shriners’ sense of morality in order to condemn their reverting back to the group’s original policy of using animals in their lives acts is laughable.

PETA is notorious for its activists not only trespassing on meat processing plants (which are private property) but also their editing videos of footage taken illegally in order to fit their allegations of animal neglect and abuse against companies involved in using animals for food production and even consumption. PETA has also paid for the legal representation of Animal Liberation Front activists who have been arrested and charged for vandalizing laboratories that use animals in medical experimentation.

There are any number of activities PETA will campaign against because the group is nothing more than a bunch of prudes using animal welfare as an excuse to tell other people what to do with their lives. PETA’s ethic is to sacrifice mankind to the needs of animals who have no sense of morality or civilized behavior. Small wonder then PETA claims to exist to protect animal welfare since the group demonstrates regularly they are as savage as the creatures they exist to defend. The acronym PETA actually stands for People for the Torture, Extortion and Abuse of human beings.