PETA’s underhanded, racist anti-sealing campaign

A new video was released by PETA Monday on social media. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), it contains violent images of a seal hunt that took place on Canada’s East Coast. Simultaneously the post includes a link to an online petition calling on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban the seal hunting and retrain seal hunters.

However, a well-known Inuk sealskin seamstress named Aaju Peter states PETA’s video as misleading:

“It creates a bad taste and a bad image when PETA says baby seals are slaughtered,” Peter said. “They’re not babies. Human beings have babies. They are seal pups and they’re old enough to be harvested.”

“These videos are devastating for our communities,” she said

Despite their assurances that the group supports the Inuit community’s right to conduct seal hunts, Aaju Peter lashes out at PETA stating their anti-sealing campaign threatens the livelihoods of sealers and seal hunters. PETA, of course, denies Peter’s accusations stating they support the Inuit benefiting from their seal hunt. The group claims their campaign has nothing to do with Inuit seal hunting and seeks to end it in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Aaju Peter points out that thanks to PETA’s efforts have affected her community’s livelihood and has made life very difficult for Inuit seal hunters since they cannot make money from their efforts.

The results of PETA’s anti-seal hunting effort is reminiscent of what happened to the Nunnavut people in Canada. National Post reported a controversy surrounding Greenpeace in Nunavut a couple of years ago resulting from the green group’s opposition to whale and seal hunting during the 1970’s. The Nunavut people not only blame Greenpeace for destroying one of the region’s only revenue sources, but also for driving once-proud hunters to welfare dependency and even suicide.

A people and their way of life were destroyed by the efforts of environmentalists who sought to save whales and seals and obliterating the lives of native Canadian Indians in the process. Now, PETA’s opposition to seal hunting is having the same effect on seal hunting like Greenpeace’s did.

The unfortunate part of all of this is that a people and their way of life have been badly affected by the efforts of environmentalists who sought to save seals and even whales while sacrificing the lives of native Canadian Indians in the process.

It is a lot easier to oppose something that ends up affecting an activity vital to someone’s way of life when you have a lot of money and then when called out lie about your intent, deny your efforts were meant to affect one group of people who depend on the very thing you oppose (in this case seal hunting) other people need to live. Besides, what does the lives of a few under class, slant-eyed, colored people matter anyway?