Environmentalists sneer at Donald Trump Jr. hunting prairie dogs on Earth Day

Donald Trump Jr. commemorated Earth Day by hunting Prarie Dogs in Montana with Republican member of Congress Greg Gianforte. Gianforte released a statement stating that he did to show Trump hospitality. Environmentalists, on the other hand, were not impressed.

Dave Pauli, a senior advisor for Wildlife Policy with the US Humane Society is quoted by the The New York Post as saying:

I was disappointed I guess that any national or international politician or celebrity would have the opportunity to come to Montana in the spring and their first choice of things they want to do is shoot prairie dogs.

After posting comments on his Facebook page, some other Montanans weighed in:

“Unfortunately we have to live on the same earth as these barbarians,” wrote Karin Anderson, who lives nearby.

“I’ve never understood how killing animals is considered ‘sport’, especially when the animal has no concept of what a gun is therefore no idea it is in danger and no defence even if it had. It is not sport, it is blood-lust slaughter, nothing more,” added Shirley Swaine, another Montanan.

“Killing animals for fun or trophy is not “sport.” On the contrary, it’s unethical and immoral–just like the entire Trump clan and anyone else who thinks this is okay,” posted Joanne Favazza.

There are people, however, who have jumped to the First Son’s defense:

“Unless you have lived here and seen the damage they caused I don’t want to hear it……they are like rats that live in the city. They are carry diseases, damage crops, and injury horses and cows with their holes,” fumed Dawn Watkins of Bozeman.

A Letter to the Editor of the Arizona Daily Star sheds some light on why Prairie Dog hunting is necessary too:

They’ll eat the farmer’s crops and their burrows are hazardous to beef cattle believe it or not. A cow stepping into one of these burrows can break a leg. It has happened. All of the damage they cause can cause our food prices to go up.

Keep in mind, these are rodents. Leave them alone for one year and they will reproduce many times over.

Injuring horses and cows along with damaging crops and disease transmission is what the environmentalists ultimately want with their opposition to Prairie Dog hunting. It is nothing more than another back handed attempt to infect humans or animals with disease and reducing crop as well as meat availability in hopes of killing humans off.