PETA works to shut down monkey rodeos

A post by Mike Opelka at The Blaze demonstrates how attentive People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings is in their seeking to shut down any and all forms of entertainment involving animals.

The group has been actively involved in shutting down events held at minor league baseball games known as monkey rodeos. PETA alleges that monkeys involved in the affairs can sustain neck injuries that can be serious. Mike Opelka states it just isn’t so:

“If you’ve ever been to one of these, that doesn’t happen.” He described the monkeys as dressed in little cowboy outfits while riding dog breeds associated with sheep herding.

Opelka took to his talk show at The Blaze to urge his audience to defend the practice, respectfully, and is even a fan of one popular rodeo monkey named (oddly enough) Whiplash.

The fact that PETA expends so much time and effort to shut down entertainment events like monkey rodeos, shows that they are less concerned about the welfare of monkeys than they are about preventing humans from being entertained by animals.

The group has even also taken credit for shutting down other entertainment events they have regularly harassed like the world famous Ringling Brothers circus.

There are any number of activities PETA will campaign against because the group is nothing more than a bunch of prudish thugs using animal welfare as an excuse to tell other people what kind forms of entertainment is acceptable. PETA’s ethic is to sacrifice mankind to the needs of animals who have no sense of morality or civilized behavior. Small wonder then PETA exists to protect animal welfare since the group is about the animalistic treatment of humans and not the well being of animals..