Pipeline arsons on the rise

Consistent with what they said during late March, The Patriot Post reports the amount of pipeline arsons is on the rise. The sabotage is tied to the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy and being done in hopes of disrupting it or shutting the pipeline project down:

On Thursday, anti-pipeline knuckleheads in the vicinity of Newell, Iowa, caused a combined $145,000 in damage. This occurred right around the same time another episode of arson happened in southeast Iowa, and authorities are attempting to establish a link.

For Newell in particular, this is déjà vu. In November, saboteurs went on a multi-million-dollar blitzkrieg. Additionally, this is a theme we’ve seen repeated over and over again. As John Sexton reports, “Last October, fires were also set near Reasnor, Iowa, causing up to $2 million in damage. At the time, the company behind the pipeline offered a $100,000 reward for information on the arson. There had also been a previous arson incident in the same location in August. In March of this year, the company that built the pipeline reported two incidents of sabotage in which someone used a blowtorch to burn a hole in a shut-off valve. One of the incidents happened in Iowa, the other in South Dakota.”

And let’s not forget North Dakota — the epicenter of the ecoterrorists’ rage. The recent theatrics in that state has Gov. Doug Burgum seeking $38 million from the federal government to alleviate the financial burden imposed by hypocritical activists.

If there was any doubt that environmentalists are anti-human let the news stories linked in the above text and the events that lead up to it be all the evidence needed. They are also excellent reasons to not only oppose environmentalists but also support the usage of fossil fuels as well as transportation mechanisms like pipelines. Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrialism agenda more and more and their using force in order to achieve their aims demonstrates the weakness of their position.