Document shows how environmentalists lie to media about fracking

A pro-fossil fuel group named Energy In Depth has discovered a 2012 memo that describes how, despite the lack of any evidence, environmentalists sought to manipulate news outlets to report fracking is dangerous to people’s health. According to The Daily Caller the memo suggests environmentalists use the media to knowingly lie about the scientific research on fracking in order to ban hydraulic fracturing.

The source of the pamphlet is a group called the 11th Hour Project that just so happens to contribute money to other anti-fracking groups such as Earthworks, Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Earth, New Yorkers Against Fracking, and the Post Carbon Institute.

The memorandum suggests green activists use emotional appeals and to attack any research that contradicts the manuscripts they favor while getting the studies that support anti-fracking positions popularized in the news. The memo’s author is executive director of an anti-fracking group PSE Healthy Energy Seth Shonkoff. At the time of the essay’s publishing, Shonkoff was a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley.

This is another example of the contempt environmentalist groups have for the truth. Environmentalists subscribe to an idea Plato wrote about known as The Noble Lie in his book The Republic. Environmentalists themselves as a sort of anointed class that knows best how society should be organized and governed. Therefore, lying to further their cause in order to save the Earth from the plague of humanity is warranted. This also shows environmentalists can’t bare to think that people(other than themselves) can have access to cheap and abundant energy sources to further and enhance their own lives.