How Muslim immigration assists green jihad

Minnesota is experiencing its worst measles outbreak in 27 years, in which New Scientist reports that 44 people have been identified as having the illness. Out of the 44, 42 are unvaccinated and 38 of the 42 are Somalian. The group deemed responsible for this epidemic are anti-vaccine groups. One Hennepin County health official is quoted as saying that anti-vaxxers have been very active in targeting the county’s Somali community.

The nihilistic Left has been very active in courting Muslims too. The most recent example isn’t just Barack Obama’s receiving a Muslim boy who brought an alarm clock he made that resembled a bomb to his Texas school for show and tell, but the Left’s refusal to condemn Islamas being the primary motivation for the Pulse nightclub mass murderer, Omar Mateen.

The Left isn’t just courting Muslims for manpower and money, but, in the case of environmentalists, they are a means to an end. As has been stated on this website’s pages many times, anti-vaccine groups are an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement. The efforts of anti-vaccine activists are an extension of the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life from the face of the Earth.

By allowing in refugees and immigrants from Muslim majority countries (like Somalia and Pakistan), it not only increases the risk of terrorism by politics and violence but also by medical infection. In the case of Hennepin County, Minnestoa, anti-vaccine groups caused a measles outbreak among the county’s Somali population by telling lies about vaccines. It is no coincidence that outbreaks of preventable diseases (like measles) occur mostly in Muslim countries or in nations with medium-size to large Muslim populations. This is mainly due to groups, like the Taliban, or even Imams telling Muslims lies such as claiming vaccines are a CIA tool to sterilize Muslims. The intent of such warnings is to save Muslim lives.

A virus is a living organism that seeks to survive like any other life form and it survives by implanting itself into human hosts where it can live and even mutate into deadlier strains that can kill large populations of people. Similar to what happened in 1918 when an influenza virus mutated that killed thousands of people. Convincing parents not to vaccinate their children can lead to all kinds of serious health problems, not just for children but also for adults. But that is the whole point of the anti-vaccine movement.

The sinister intent of anti-vaccine groups isn’t to prevent people from contracting autism but to ensure they and everyone else suffers. The efforts of anti-vaccine activists are an extension of the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life from the face of the Earth. With populations of people (like Muslim immigrants) who can be easily manipulated, it enables the spread and even mutation of diseases to spread among populations to infect and even kill. What better way to kill off people by lying about preventive health measures like immunizations.