Desert tortoise used to block NV windfarm project

After years of litigation, during late April a Virginia company announced they are cancelling an 87 wind turbine project in Searchlight, Nevada. The Las Vegas Sun states that the construction was sacked due to environmental issues with the desert tortoise and golden eagle since both animals are considered threatened species.

Despite a company involved in a project, like a windfarm, paying a $550-per-acre mitigation fee to a county government for protection, environmentalists will initiate litigation if threatened or endangered species could be affected by it. Despite renewable energy companies being encouraged to build in the desert, how their project can affect desert tortoises is a factor that comes up. In this case, it stopped construction of an energy source environmentalists support.

An environmentalist group jumped in to sue to stop the Virginia company’s wind farm construction and used the desert tortoise as the rationale. Even ecologists pointed out that the farm’s presence would be in the area of the largest concentration of desert turtles.

Not only do environmentalists oppose fossil fuels, they also end up opposing their own schemes geared to cut back on greenhouse gasses. Not only will their renewable schemes won’t be adequate for our power needs but they will also oppose facilities that utilize alternate power sources like natural gas, solar and (in this case) wind making their claims as supporting renewable energy sources as nothing more than window dressing.

Ultimately, environmentalists are anti-industry and anti-civilization. They seek to shut down all power plants in an effort to revert humans back to primitive living. Their circular logic on alternative power generation demonstrates it.