Animal “rights” activists cheer and joke about death of British zookeeper

Rosa King worked at Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire, England and, according to her mother, Andrea as quoted by the BBC, always loved her work. King was passionate about her job and love of animals. Andrea said her daughter’s work is what Rosa has always done and her coworkers considered Rosa King a focal point and shining light of the facility. Sadly, a freak accident took place yesterday where one of the park’s tigers made its way into an enclosure where Rosa King was working, attacked and killed her.

The zoo employees were in a complete state of shock and Hamerton Zoo Park closed for the day in order to make sense of what happened as well as for zoo staff to take time to grieve. Park administrators were given prior notice of the potential risks of the way the park handled its animals, and it is unclear if the zoo heeded any of the warnings they were given four years ago.

The most shocking and sickening thing about the death of Rosa King isn’t the manner in which she was killed. According to the UK Sun, a lot of animal rights activists and supporters took to social media not only to literally cheer her death but also going so far as to joke about the incident. Thousands of messages were posted by these trash-ridden scum on the Hamerton Zoo’s Facebook page with remarks such as (quoting from the Sun):

“F*** you ban zoos! This is what you get”.

And Natural selection

A meme was posted referring to a gorilla that was shot and killed in a Ohio zoo a year ago that held a little child that snuck into its lair captive: Harambe would be proud.

It should be stressed that not all supporters of animal rights feel this way and some did express regret for Rosa’s death. None the less, the messages that joke and cheer the tragedy is a clear indication that a sizeable amount do and they are vocal. It is just as sickening as other activists who stalk, harass and even conduct violence against people involved in medical research that uses animals for testing (i.e. vivisection).

There is no doubt the Hamerton Zoo Park is responsible for Rosa Park’s untimely demise. However, the people cheering Rosa King’s death are in the same league as those who take the time to harass and intimidate people involved in vivisection and other acts of violence or sabotage on entities and their employees that use animals be it for food, education or entertainment. They represent the true nature not just of animal rights groups but of the environmentalist movement as a whole.

The person who truly loved animals is Rosa King. The people cheering or joking about her death are the ones whose hatred of mankind is grounded in their love of the savagery of the animal kingdom. Like has been said before, the left hasn’t been radicalized they are radicals. The green movement’s evil is revealed for all the world to see and animal rights activists and other environmentalists are no longer hiding their contempt for humans.

The hatred expressed for Monday’s tragic death of Rosa King and the awful activities such as those geared to deny people life-saving medicines and therapies that result from animal testing should be a clear indication of the hatred environmentalists have for the lives and welfare of human beings. It must be emphasized that not all animal rights activists think the same and many certainly do condemn such sentiments. If there are open condemnations on their part, it remains to be seen to what extent are groups, like PETA, are willing to purge their ranks of people who harbor such views. In this case, denunciations are meaningless if they are not backed up with appropriate, remedial actions.

None the less, Rosa Parks was a lovely woman, passionate about animals and a dedicated zoo keeper. She should be remembered not just for her work but also for the love and beauty Rosa brought into people’s lives in one way or another. Rest in peace.