Animal “rights” group takes out billboards to slander MN hospital

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRC) has taken out billboards in the area surrounding Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of an effort to condemn HCMC for using live animals to teach and train physicians in emergency medical techniques. Instead, the Star Tribune reports, PCRC suggests the hospital use simulators alleging they are more realistic and alleges that hospitals are moving away from using animals in their research.

The animal rights group alleges they have been in discussions with HCMC for three years but did not get any results. So, PCRC decided to resort to harassment. The hospital responded saying that while they are developing technology and methods to replace using animals, there are a few critical, lifesaving procedures that can only be reliably taught in an animal model.

There are times animals have to be used in medical tests and this is is another example of animal rights groups harassing organizations involved in vivisection. By doing this PCRC is really saying they would prefer patients to suffer and die rather than empower physicians with life saving techniques to save people’s lives. In reality groups like groups like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that oppose medical experiments with animals not only seek to undermine the quality of health care but also want to ultimately kill humans off since they consider people (other than themselves) a cancer on the Earth.