Could HSUS lose its non-profit status?

A fascinating court decision was handed down early last week that could result in the Humane Society (HSUS) losing its non-profit status under the US tax code. According to Courthouse News Service, a former HSUS donor (Genlin Foundation) sued the animal rights group for breach of contract.

Genlin accused the HSUS of neglecting its duties and sued the Humane Society in October 2015. Genlin alleged breach of contract and fraud, almost three months after signing the memorandum of understanding. The lawsuit stemmed from HSUS agreeing to host screenings of the documentary Eating Happiness, a documentary decrying the Asian dog meat trade that Genlin has been campaigning against. HSUS then would agree to arrange to have a bill introduced in Congress to outlaw dog meat consumption.

The judge overseeing the case, John Kronstadt, denied Genlin’s motion for summary judgement and dismissed the case stating that the Humane Society met all of its obligations outlined in the contract. The interesting part is this statement from the judge in his ruling which states:

HSUS is a lobbying organization. Its success is predicated on its ability to maintain and use relationships with lawmakers. Common sense shows that it has an interest in preserving those relationships. Therefore this is not a sufficient basis to establish a triable issue as to the claimed breach.

Soon after the decision, Humane Watch weighed in stating: This is interesting. As a 501(c)(3) organization, HSUS is not allowed to be a ‘lobbying organization.’ It has a very limited scope for the amount of lobbying it, and its volunteers, do.

The basis of animal rights groups like HSUS is not a noble effort to ensure animals are treated well, but is a campaign to destroy mankind grounded in the hatred of human life. With all of this in mind and this recent decision, it makes that increases possibility of HSUS losing its tax-deductible status. Since HSUS is not allowed to be a lobbying organization and yet a federal judge issues a judgement saying it is, that means HSUS is ignoring the law with impugnity.

With all of this in mind, hopefully some group will file a complaint with the IRS and even lobby the President of the US to investigate the HSUS’ activities. It is time to hold these nihilistic human haters’ feet to the fire.