On Machiavelli, Donald Trump, Foxes and Lions

In light of recent events surrounding the President and leftist violence directed at the Right, there is a deeper, but accurate, explanation that reveals what is occurring. Niccolo Machiavelli posited the two competing interests that make up a government in his book The Prince. Vilfredo Pareto also expanded on Machiavelli’s hypothesis in his essay The Circulation Of The Elites.

The two competing factions in government are mainly the Lions and Foxes. The Lions are people who have conducted themselves in a trade or some sort of work involving accomplishment of some kind that usually involves manual, physical or even mental labor. The Foxes are people that are in the backgrounds and tend to deal with technical issues (such as attorneys). The Foxes are usually involved in trades that involve the use of words while Lions typically deal with people based on actions.

At one point in American political history, the Fox Den may have told the Lion Pride, you continue to go about your lives and we will run the government for you. Even Lions take an interest in government too and both factions acknowledged that in order for a government to work and the peace to be kept, both have to have a balance in which they govern using different styles and methods.

What lead to the election of Donald Trump and the backlash against groups, like the Republican political establishment, is that at some point a third caucus snuck in: the Wolf Pack. And they now dominate the US government. Donald Trump was elected as a way for the Lions to tell the Foxes that their group wants a seat at the table again. Consequently, the Wolves revolted instead of accepting the result.

Unfortunately, the Wolf Pack is made up of people who are power hungry and are essentially the Left. The mainstream media, and Republican political establishment works in conjunction with the Wolves when convenient because they are on their side or have sympathies. The Wolves will destroy anything they cannot control and are attacking Trump because he is a disruption to their dominance of power. The shooting of Republican Congressman Stephen Scalise is a way that the Wolves signaled that they are no longer interested in accommodation or rational discourse with the Lions or even the Foxes.

If Donald Trump is not allowed to govern and his proposals are blocked or he is impeached, the Lion Pride and Fox Den will end up not only getting angry but at some point might decide to go on a Wolf hunt (figuratively speaking). If that happens, payback will be a bitch.

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