Hezbollah terrorists go green, Greens harass Japanese banks and Cosmetic vivsection

Supporting the environment in order to kill people isn’t just limited to leftists, Islamic terrorists are jumping on the bandwagon too. The Times of Israel reveals that Israel’s diplomats have reported to the United Nations Security Council that Hezbollah terrorists are establishing observation outposts along the Israel-Lebanon border using the credentials of the United Nations NGO Green Without Borders.

It would seem, despite their mandate to do so, UNIFIL is seems reluctant to enter southern Lebanese villages to confront or even disarm Hezbollah which has been building its armament stockpiles in recent decades. Despite its stated mission, during April UNIFIL did not push the issue of being denied access to one of the outposts in order to conduct an inspection. Naturally, Israeli officials are upset.

Three Days ago, a number of environmentalist groups issued a scathing report about lending institutions who fund projects related to fossil fuel production. Courthouse News Service states three Japanese banks were singled out by the survey in which one one named Mizuho is accused of increasing its exposure to financing fossil fuels (such as coal mining) after President Trump nixed the United States’ participation in the UN’s Paris Climate Accord.

Banks based in the US and Canada were also given low grades, while (not surprisingly) European banks made the grade.

Rare has published a slanted news piece on the status of cosmetics testing on animals. It states that despite many companies no longer tests cosmetics on animals, the US government continues to do so. Yet nowhere in the article is the reason given why the tests are conducted nor are any officials from the agencies funding the tests given space to respond. Only that the animal tests occur and that the US government is the biggest killer of animals in the country while stating the tests are inhumane.

Environmentalist groups are complicit in helping Islamic terrorist groups in their war against Jews, they scold lending institutions for financing fossil fuel projects that enable people to have access to cheap, affordable energy and like-minded publications pitch to end animal testing for cosmetics. The environmentalist movement and its allies in the media consistently demonstrate a hatred of Western civilization and prefer instead not only destruction but to revert back to the pre-historic periods where humans lived in caves.