Animal “rights” protesters harass, intimidate FL fishermen

Bob Hope of St. Petersburg, Florida is speaking out after a video (posted below) showing activists with Direct Action Everywhere confronting him and his family went viral.

Hope spent Tuesday afternoon fishing with his family at Crescent Lake in which is father caught a fish and put it on the ground while someone went to get a bucket. A child whose parents are with Direct Action Everywhere approached Hope and told Hope to put the fish back in the water because fish had feelings.

After Hope politely declined, six other people then showed up to tell Hope what he was doing was wrong and hurting the fish. After a brief lecture by the activists someone then threw the fish back in the water.

Not only are animal rights groups harassing people who work in places that use animals for food production or medical testing, now they are seeking to intimidate people who fish for food. All of this done to push people into becoming vegans.

To repeat what has been pointed out before, recent studies reveal that plants (the food of choice for vegans and vegetarians) feel pain as well. In light of this and environmentalists who push veganism and attribute beings that feel pain as having rights, they are also guilty of harming and even murdering the plants they claim people should eat.