Nobel Laureates: Greenpeace is “killing people” with false claims about golden rice

A very good podcast at The Genetic Literacy Project

Today’s genomics explosion has foundations in seminal discoveries in molecular biology almost 50 years ago. Taking Biotech guest Sir Richard Roberts was a pivotal figure in a number of these areas. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993 as a co-discoverer of the intron, a part of many eukaryotic genes that contains no protein-coding function, yet can have important roles in a gene’s structure as well as mRNA stability and processing. He shares his memories of the methods that led to the discovery of introns and restriction enzymes. In the second part of the podcast he discusses the important role of the Nobel Laureates as agents of social change. As decorated experts, the Laureates have provided leadership in a number of social issues, including pressing for application of biotechnology

You can listen to the podcast here.

Environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace, that are behind slander campaigns and outright terrorist attacks against GMO’s and organizations that manufacture them have blood on their hands. They have contributed to the untimely demise of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people with their words and actions.

For example, after Europe banned exporting GMO’s to third world countries, the result has been massive starvations and death. Terrorist attacks conducted by environmentalists against companies like Monsanto and their facilities used in the research and manufacture of bio-techological foods is as much an assault on our food supply as much as it is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred not only of science but also human life.