UK animal “rights” group defends seagull attacks

Fife Today reports residents of Kirkcaldy, England have complained to town officials of seagulls grabbing food from people while in flight and some even causing injuries to people in the process. One woman suffered heart failure after an attack, yet all this means little to the animal rights group Animal Aid.

The group contends the attacks are, in fact, rare and has criticized a proposal to have a seagull cull. The seagulls, Animal Aid claims, are protecting and caring for their young and gave Fife Council members a pamphlet that details how humans can avoid seagull attacks and alternatives to culling.

The literature Animal Aid passed out is ultimately, a dodge. By the group’s actions they are not only on the side of the seagulls but their demands result in inaction that, in turn, leads to the increased likelihood of seagull attacks for instances other than obtaining food.

Seagull attacks have been an issue in England for the past few years. A couple of years ago, the UK Telegraph reported that seagulls have become more aggressive toward humans. Precautions should be taken so people don’t get hurt and the birds should not be fed. However, humans should not have to worry about a seagull attack.

This speaks to a larger issue as to why animal rights groups love large animal populations. The fact is they want more animal attacks on humans. The allegations made by Animal Aid are, at best, theoretical and do little to ensure the safety of Kirkcaldy citizens if not the people of Great Britain as a whole. But that is the whole point.

Below is a 2015 BBC news report about seagull attacks in Belfast, Northern Ireland.