Environmentalists blast UK widower for “message in a bottle”

Craig Sullivan had the bear the heartache and sorrow of losing his wife to cancer. According to the UK Telegraph, Sullivan heard The Police’s song Message in a Bottle and was inspired to reach out to meet a new companion by placing hundreds of bottles into the ocean with letters announcing his wanting to meet a new soul mate.

Local environmentalists, however, were not sympathetic. One environmentalist named Helen Gill found about thirty glass bottles with letters along the beach she and her boyfriend were walking along. While the intent may have been romantic, she said the bottles could affect the environment since they might get smashed before ending up on beaches or even stepped on.

While, in theory, Gill has a point but it is not a given that the bottles will end up shattered or damaged in some way as her discovery of them demonstrated. As it turns out, a one hundred year old dark beer bottle containing a distress letter was found in the Baltic Sea three years ago. According to Popular Mechanics the bottle made almost thirty trips around the Baltic.

It was not a good idea for Craig Sullivan to do what he did, but he should be given the benefit of the doubt. He meant no harm and thought of a unique way to reach out in order to find a companion. Despite the negative feedback in the press and from others who found his bottles, fortunately, Sullivan’s efforts were not fruitless as he was able to line up a couple of dates.