Ocean Plastics — A Reality Check

Polluting plastics are less straws and more unfettered Third World debris. By Onar Am, November 14, 2019, Liberty Nation Enormous amounts of plastic released into the ocean from Third World rivers and cargo ships constitute a significant environmental problem. However, for years, scientists have been puzzled by the discrepancy between the released and measured ocean…

Ocean Stupidification

There has been a tremendous burst of propaganda this week about the oceans during the UN climate meeting. Yesterday, Tony Heller discussed the fake claims about sea level, and in this video be discuss the fake claims about ocean acidification.

EU Bans Single Use Plastics

By 2021 single-use plastic items such as straws, forks and knives and cotton swabs will be banned in the European Union, according to Reuters. However, what it really seems to do is up the efforts in the continent to somehow try to save Europe’s recycling industry which is on the verge of collapse like what…

The Great Flood Myth

In this video, Tony Heller shows the superstition and misinformation being spread by the press about Midwest flooding, which historically has happened very often. Midwest flooding is an indication that the climate has not changed.

Confronting PETA at SeaWorld in Orlando

Despite animal rights activists bully tactics, fortunately, there are people willing to stick their necks out and fight back. This brave gentleman decided to confront a group of human haters protesting in front of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Here is hoping more people take it upon themselves to speak out and counter the lies animal…