Hunters troll PETA Facebook campaign

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) recently conducted a campaign on Facebook named Shoot selfies, not animals. It involves people putting pre-made frames on participant’s profile photograph with the term shoot selfies, not animals that includes the head of a deer.

Some hunters discovered the effort and decided to join in, the fun at PETA’s expense. According to The Resurgent, it involved them using photos the hunters took after successful hunts, posing with the animals the hunters successfully killed. One drawback is that PETA not only had the gall to thank hunters for their help but PETA’s campaign is now the top frame used on Facebook.

None the less, the hunters who trolled PETA were able to not only have a little fun at PETA’s expense while the group gave free exposure to hunters who joined in featuring their kills. With hunting season coming up, it helps to ruffle feathers once in a while, especially if it involves groups like PETA.