Sierra Club audited by Revenue Canada

Revenue Canada is auditing the Sierra Club. The country’s version of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, will appear at Sierra Club Canada’s offices May 11th to undergo an inspection of the group’s books for evidence of excessive or even partisan political activity.

Canadian Conservative politicians berated environmentalist groups not only as radicals but also stated some may have ties to terrorists. The National Revenue minister, Kerry-Lynne Findlay, denies any bias in their selection of charities to audit. One group, EthicalOil, that promotes Canadian exports lodged a complaint with Canada’s government for environmentalist group political activities. According to Canadian law if a charitable group sets aside more than 10 percent of its activities it can jeopardize an organization’s tax status. Not surprisingly, environmentalist groups are berating the audits as an abuse of power and state they are being singled out.

Environmentalist groups are notorious for their opposition not only to science (such as genetically modified foods) but also have ardently opposed development in poor countries. This evidenced by the movie Mine Your Own Business where journalist Phelim McAleer documents environmentalists intentionally holding up economic development in Chile, Romania and Madagascar. Green groups accuse the governments of India, Australia and even Canada of engaging in harassment. However, if environmentalists weren’t involved in activities that result in destroying the lives and health of people in countries where they are active they wouldn’t be scrutinized like this.