Apologies: Offit-Haley Debate

Earlier today a video was posted showing a debate between Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Boyd Haley set up by the makers as a virtual debate between the two gentlemen about the autism-vaccine debate.

The video was removed due to indications of bias on the part of the video’s makers not originally noticed. Upon further review, more weight or time was given to Dr. Haley than to Dr. Offit, including quotes citing Indiana Republican Representative Dan Burton (who believed vaccines caused autism), a chart by a Dr. David Ayoub who is a self-proclaimed autism specialist but, in reality, is a radiologist and information cited by Catherine Frompovich who is an author of numerous papers stating that vaccines cause autism and a proponent of so-called holistic medicine in which all sources supported Dr. Haley’s position.

Previous debate videos posted on topics (like climate change and vaccinations) both sides were given equal time and able to present evidence and make statements to support their positions. Not so in the Public Affairs Media video, despite the film’s claim of wanting to give scientists on all sides a platform to speak to a broad public.

Apologies for the mix-up and efforts will be made to avoid this from happening in the future.