Canadian native indians and environmentalists seek to extract bribes from BC fishing industry

Canadian TV states that a group of Canadian native Indian and environmentalist activists have seized control of a salmon farm in British Columbia. The occupiers claim the farm is impacting salmon and red herring stocks while disturbing the province’s eco-system.

In reality, it looks like the group is attempting to use this as a means for both parties to fund raise at the expense of salmon farms and probably even to extract bribes from the fishing industry located on tribal lands. Because of the ecological damage done that occupiers claim, they are demanding provincial and federal fishing licenses be revoked. This coming soon after the environmentalist Green and socialist New Democrats grabbed control of the BC provincial government during May and with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in control on the federal level.

As it turns out, the build up to this publicity stunt has probably been going on for the past eleven months. Christopher Wilson of Rebel Media reported during September of last year on the Sea Shepherd environmentalists who are targeting salmon farms on First Nations territory.