Greenpeace terrorists seek to destroy NZ dairy industry

Despite lawsuit threats from an irrigation company, Greenpeace activists have begun occupying a dam construction site in Canterbury, New Zealand which is in the same region as Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. Voxy reports Central Plains Water wants to construct the dam as part of an irrigation plan they seek to build across the Canterbury Plains. Not if Greenpeace has anything to say about it.

However, despite their high-minded rhetoric of a drinking water crisis, seeking to save the region’s rivers and ensure clean drinking water, the sinister intent of the Greepeace activists is laid bare and blatant though toward the end of the Voxy article. Greenpeace terrorist Gen Toop (yes that is his name) is quoted as saying:

Big new irrigation schemes like Central Plains Water expand intensive dairy conversions and we all know that more cows mean more polluted rivers.

Meaning, the Greenpeace invaders are seeking to destroy New Zealand’s dairy industry. The irrigation infrastructure is being constructed in order to irrigate lands for New Zealand’s dairy industry cattle. The claims of livestock pollution are facetious since there are plenty of methods that can be used to prevent cattle waste run off.

New Zealand Greenpeace terrorists are asserting collective rights to clean water by illegally trespassing and occupying a dam construction site. The end goal is to shut down a dam and irrigation system for a vital industry for New Zealand. By doing so, it makes it harder for Kiwis to consume dairy products which, in turn, affects their health.

Since the environmentalists can’t accomplish their goal of removing the dam legally, they resort to a peaceful protest of occupying private property in hopes of affecting people’s health or taking away dietary choices down the line.