Animal “rights” group pulls off heist to “free” chickens

It started off as an act of betrayal of trust. The Coloradan reports four people showed up at Long Shadow Farm in Berthoud, Colorado this week and asked an eight year old girl if they could hold some chickens. The little girl gladly agreed since she helped raise them and would be proud to show anyone how to do so.

The four then ran away with chickens tucked under their arms to the safety of a crowd of 40 animal rights activists present at the farm’s entrance wearing matching t-shirts to boot. When one of the farm owners, Kristin Ramey, went over to the crowd to confront the thieves she was told by someone that the birds were taken to a sanctuary where they can be free. The activists then had the audacity to post a video on Facebook of them holding hands in order to publicize why committed their theft.

The group responsible for this incident is none other than Direct Action Everywhere. One of the activists who admitted being an accomplice stealing the chickens said Long Shadow Farm was targeted, basically, because the claim that animals, especially chickens, being treated humanely on a free-range farm like Long Shadow is a myth and a lie.

Every one of these activist scum should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Their actions not only involved theft but, most likely, their lives will be ruined due to having felony convictions on their records. However, they obviously don’t care because, in their relativistic minds and as indicated on their Facebook page, breaking laws to save animals is noble. Their ultimate aim is to destroy rights for humans so civilization as we know it collapses.

Animal rights activists are nihilistic extremists who prefer the lives of animals over humans to the extent that they will not only lie but also steal to achieve their aims. Spending time and jail and compensating the farm owners is the least they can do to make up for their crime.