Environmentalists oppose dam, seek to keep Indians in the dark

India will soon have the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river in the country’s western state of Gujarat built. According to Reuters once completed, the dam will be the world’s second largest and provide hydroelectric power and even water to three states. The construction for the dam began in 1987 but was briefly held up in the mid-1990’s by India’s Supreme Court only to be allowed to conditionally continue four years later.

Environmentalists, such as Greenpeace, oppose the dam project alleging several villages would be displaced due to rising water levels resulting from the dam becoming operational. One group even went so far as to directly protest against the edifice for over sixty years accompanied by people who claim to be from the villages affected by the dam.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modhi dismissed any such criticism saying it was part of a disinformation campaign and that the dam will set new benchmarks and records.In fact, the rising water levels in the area and other parts of India are the result of massive amounts of rain and poor reservior management, not dam usage.

The dam will provide power for many Indians who need to it to preserve and enhance their lives. When dams are planned, the potential for rising water levels is examined to determine if it could happen and by how much. Obviously it is not of concern since Prime Minister Modhi went through with the Sardar Sarovar Dam’s inauguration.

Ultimately, the reason for the environmentalist’s opposition to the dam is to continue to ruin the lives of Indians in need of electric power that people need to preserve and even enhance their lives. This being done obviously to the human carbon footprint (i.e. kill people off).