Environmentalist group wants Colorado River Ecosystem given personhood status

The environmentalist group Deep Green Resistance has filed a friend of the court brief in federal Court in Denver, Colorado urging the court to grant personhood to the ecosystem of the Colorado River in the same manner as it is granted to corporations.

According to Courthouse News, the brief alleges that the river is not only of ecological importance but is subject to a series of compacts that overwhelms the river’s water capacity. Deep Green Resistance states that the damage to the river is the result of the misuse of environmental law itself. That also includes various states to divert more water than it has.

This is not a new trend, even cities in Pennsylvania has resorted to classifying forms of nature in the state with legal personhood status. However, in Pennsylvania’s case, it is being done to prevent the spread of fracking.

In the case of the Colorado River, the point of the suit is not to prevent the depredation of the ecology of the river but to make it harder for states to tap it as a water resource. That also includes using it for recreational purposes too. The face that the group behind the brief, Deep Green Resistance, made an effort to even file it should send up red flags with anyone.

DGR is based on a book of the same name and its members are known to employ non-violent and even violent attacks that include terrorism and assassinations

No matter which environmentalist group decided to file the suit, the end goal is to use the controversies they generate as a means to deny humans the ability to use the water of the Colorado River to help sustain our way of life.