Police officer and guard attacked by UK anti-fracking protesters

Fifteen protesters arrived at a fracking site in North Yorkshire, Britain with a propane gas canister to be used as a prop during a lock down protest to block the fracking site entrance. The Gazette and Herald reports that suddenly, a police officer was pushed over by some of the protesters, injuring his ankle and then the gas canister was pushed on to his foot. A security guard states he was bitten during the incident.

The spokesperson for the anti-fracking group, Kirby Misperton Protection Camp (KMPC), accused the police and security of acting recklessly when activists arrived. It is unclear what the struggle entailed, but police have said they will investigate and act appropriately. Shortly after the incident, protesters were unlocked from the site and arrested.

This is the third lock-down protest in the last week and this is another example of environmentalist violence. The police and security guards are at the site to keep the peace. The protesters obviously had other things in mind by being confrontational and not peaceful, as the anti-fracking group spokesman alleged.

The company drilling at the site in question had legal permission to do so. None of that matters to the anti-fracking group since they are obviously demanding to not only end fracking at the site but fossil fuels no longer be used. They will even conduct violence to accomplish their goal.