ALF terrorists brag about path of destruction and terror in Chile

Though Animal Liberation Front (ALF) maybe laying low in the United States their affiliates in Chile have become very active as of late. According to the Animal Liberation Press Office that aanimal rights activism (including acts of terrorism) ALF has reported increased terrorist activity with their Chilean cells has taken place in the last five months.

During May, ALF states they sabotaged an office called the Teletrak agency which took bets on horse racing. The group sealed the office’s lock and the front entrance with steel glue. ALF condemns using horses used as tools for benefit and has vowed to continue to erect hurdles to hinder the betting house’s operation.

Around mid-July, ALF alleges they sabotaged and harassed an unnamed butcher shop in Santiago where terrorists put a noise bomb in front of the shop, later threw pamphlets at the site anti-authoritarian slogans and also threatened to close the establishment. They also stated their harassment will continue with the end goal of closing the establishment down.

During late July, the group admits to having placed messages on boards in undisclosed locations in unnamed Chilean forests condemning their exploitation including also hunting, and detonated noise bombs in a truck of the Arauco Forest Company and the front and rear entrances of an undisclosed house.

Because the latter two locations remain unnamed it is possible they may never have happened and were posted to make the Chilean ALF groups to be more active than they are, or to avoid implication in specific instances of sabotage. During March, the group outlined a number of actions that include activities similar to what is named above to commemorate the memory of ALF terrorist Barry Horne.

Horne was a British terrorist with the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) who was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison for firebombing a leather goods store and commercial establishments run by charities that fund cancer research. While in prison, Horne conducted a number of hunger strikes in hopes of calling attention to animal testing in hopes of the practice being outlawed. During 2001, Horne refused all medical aid and died while in prison resulting from complications of a hunger strike he undertook.

The Animal Liberation Front is still around and they are still as destructive as ever. Except they may be centered in Latin America (specifically Chile) rather than the United States. Though there are no media reports to confirm their claim, these latest acts of terrorism they describe shows they are still around but have shifted their center of influence to Latin America.

The animal rights movement is not only a means of achieving the end of eradicating mankind for the sake of preserving nature, but also done in hopes of subjecting mankind to the savagery of the animal kingdom. It is the nihilism of animal culture that animal rights groups (like ALF) and activists (like Barry Horne) revere and seek to force on mankind.