Scientist attacked by anti-pesticide activists for breast milk study

During mid-August, professor Shelley McGuire at Washington State University and a team of researchers published a study recently that showed that breast milk did not contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup pesticides.

Biology Fortified reveals upon learning of the manuscript’s publication, activists with the anti-pesticide group Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse and US Right to Know (USRTK) took it upon themselves to immediately attack Dr. McGuire’s reputation. USRTK filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for Dr. McGuire’s correspondence yet she has always been willing and open to discuss the results of her research.

Dr. McGuire even went so far to participate in an online chat discussion only to find out many of her answers were deleted by moderators sympathetic to opposition to pesticides. Soon after this Dr. McGuire received a creepy postcard accusing her of helping frankenfoods and a borderline death threat. Thankfully. Dr. McGuire is undeterred and a video is posted below where she and members of her research team discuss the incident.

Environmentalist chemophobia is one other manner greens use to make the case to ban or restrict the use of pesticides that are used to protect crop yields from insect infestations so food production is plentiful. However, in this case, this is one other way environmentalists, in theory, seek to make people’s lives miserable by exposing humans and even animals to more insect attacks. Opposition to pesticides ultimately is geared to target the human hood supply. Restrict pesticides and crop production shrinks, leading to starvation and death.