Chicago locals defend chicken market from animal “rights” activist harassment

Animal rights activists are harassing the Chicago suburb chicken market Pollo Vivos (Spanish for live chickens) demanding the shop be closed down accusing the establishment of being a slaughterhouse. According to DNAInfo, group behind the harassment (Chicago Animal Save) have been holding vigils and blocking delivery trucks since October of last year.

Fortunately, Rare reports locals are pushing back. As luck would have it, a project manager named Alex Burkholder who works for an architecture firm has lived above Alliance Poultry Firm which does business with Pollo Vivos and an attorney friend of his moved in an apartment above the chicken market two years ago. Both individuals state the accusations made against Pollo Vivo are one sided.

We’d love to provide an alternate viewpoint to the son how a small neighborhood shop has been operating as a community center as well as a source for cheap, healthy, humane food for the neighborhood for decades. Alex Burkholder told Rare.

Burkholder went on to point out: The chickens are Amish as the protester acknowledged, and they’re absolutely delicious. They arrive every night (took a while to get used to the clucking!) and when you go into the shop, they let you pick which chicken you’re getting before they butcher it for you.

Burkholder also said Pollo Vivos is a farm-to-table shop and its disappointing animal rights protesters are targeting a locally owned establishment since it is also an educational experience. Customers get to see where their food comes from and observe their chicken before they eat it.

The fact that customers, like Mark Burkholder, find the food in Pollo Vivo delicious is all the more reason why animal rights activists seek to shut places like the Chicago chicken market down. The protesters don’t want animals treated humanely but to want make life miserable for humans and that includes taking away pleasurable experiences that involve using animals by closing down places like Pollo Vivo.