Anti-vaccine Michigan mom would rather her son suffer and die

Rebecca Bredow of Detroit, Michigan is facing jail time for refusing to vaccinate her son. ABC News reports that Bredow would absolutely prefer to go to jail than have her son immunized.

Originally when she was married, Bredow and her husband, Jason, agreed to stretch out their son’s immunization schedule. Now that they are getting divorced, Jason is insisting their son be fully immunized. The largest flaw in her logic is her claim that vaccination should be everyone’s choice. That may work for an adult, but the same logic does not apply to a baby.

A baby or underage child does not have the cognitive faculties or thinking skills of an adult. Neither is their immune system as well developed. Rebecca Bredow’s forgoing immunizations for her child puts her child’s life in danger since vaccines help boost his immune system to ward off disease. Without the vaccines he could become gravely ill and even die.

What Rebecca Bredow is really saying is that she really doesn’t care about her child’s well-being. That is tantamount to child abuse and the reason why she is being held criminally responsible. For anyone to knowingly refuse to vaccinate oneself and their kids despite concrete evidence that vaccines help ward off contagious, life threatening diseases is tantamount to them saying they not only do not care about their life but could care less about the rights of others.

This also includes participating in activities and disseminating information from groups such as the Vaccine Information Network whose information has been thoroughly debunked. The hatred of living, if not human life itself, ultimately is the basis of the anti-vaccine movement.