Leftist NZ Prime Minister makes moves to destroy Kiwi economy

Early this month, New Zealand’s Labour Party took power thanks to a power-sharing agreement that Labour and Green parties made with the nationalist, populist New Zealand First party. Aside from being the country’s youngest Prime Minister in almost 200 years, Jacinda Arden is already outlining plans to commit civilizational suicide by joining with countries such as France, Great Britain, Germany and India in their quest to end use fossil fuels.

Newshub reports that Jacinda Arden has announced that this year might be the last that block offers will be made for petroleum exploration. A block offer is a permit issued annually by New Zealand’s government that allows petroleum companies to explore for and extract petroleum and natural gas in certain onshore and offshore areas around the island. Arden is quoted as saying:

It is a process for New Zealand to acknowledge that our future is not in fossil fuels – but we will not be doing that in a jarring way.

Her replacement for fossil fuels? You guessed it, 100% renewable energy by 2050. The same sources that have spiked consumer energy bills in countries, such as Germany and Great Britain, and end up reverting to fossil fuel powered plants when the wind stops and the sun sets or is blocked by clouds.

Ultimately, the unreliability of renewables will result in Kiwis experience what other countries have gone through: rolling blackouts and high energy bills. Jacinda Arden and New Zealand’s green lobby advocating for renewable energy is merely window dressing in order eventually rob New Zealanders of the ability to prosper and live since the abundant energy we in the West enjoy resulting from fossil fuels use is the basis of our civilization.

One thought on “Leftist NZ Prime Minister makes moves to destroy Kiwi economy

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    Ahhh, the virtue-signalling champagne socialists. Can’t help themselves, especially when it comes to “Saving The Planet”!
    Looks like the NZ people had it too good under conservatism.
    Strange how people become tired of boring – growth, freedom and prosperity delivered to their front doors by conservative governments.


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