FL environmentalists use sea grass to stop resident access to Santa Rosa Sound

Environmentalists will use any and all means to make life difficult for humans and nowhere is this more apparent than a recent controversy that has emerged in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

The Pensacola News Journal reports that Gulf Breeze residents successfully lobbied Santa Rosa County to transplant sea grass in the Santa Rose Sound that residents say makes it difficult for their boats to access the body of water. The county is lobbying the Army Corp of Engineers (who sacked a similar proposal about ten years ago) to approve the plan.

Environmentalists, naturally, oppose the idea. One activist with the so-called Santa Rosa Sound Coalition is quoted as saying the sea grass not only helps keep the water clean from pollutants but also gives a natural habitat to fish species. Transplantation has never been done successfully, greens claim.

The permit Sea Breeze residents are seeking also includes narrowing the channel to Santa Rosa Sound along with relocation of the sea grass to a nearby area which would help preserve the eco-system.

All Sea Breeze residents want is to be able to enjoy the benefit of living in the area by being able to access Santa Rosa Sound. Unfortunately, the Army Corp of Engineers does not have to set a time table on approving their plan and if it is given the nod, environmentalists will, most likely, sue to stop it due to a lack of or improprieties with an environmental impact statement.

Environmentalists are involved in war against mankind on all fronts and the issue of transplanting sea grass in Santa Rosa Sound is one of many examples that demonstrate green group’s hostility to humans bending nature to improve their lives.