PETA defends stray dog attacks in Indian province

On Monday the Karnataka, India Minister for Urban Development and Haj, R Roshan Baig, delivered a speech at the province’s legislature condemning People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) for blocking his agency’s efforts to clear city streets of stray animals.

The provincial authority is responding to multiple incidents of people being bitten by stray dogs and even pigs in Karnataka cities. According to The News Minute, PETA alleges the relocation of stray dogs is illegal and has been openly opposing the government’s campaign.

During his speech, Baig said that when PETA’s children are bitten then PETA will realize there is a problem. That may or may not be true, and his remark is kind of inappropriate since it comes across as wishing harm on children whose parents are PETA members. The Minister may have even set back the intention of his agency’s effoets with such a statement.

Despite thge Minister’s potential inappropriate comments, actions speak louder than words. The fact that PETA opposes efforts to clear Karnataka city streets of stray dogs and pigs speaks volumes of their true wishes. By their own actions, they not only want more people bitten but also attacked and even killed by the stray animal army that infests Karnataka city streets.