LA environmentalists demand pipeline records to shut project down

Louisiana environmentalists hope to shut down construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline asking a courtM to order companies that own the edifice to turn over records to them.

According to the Times-Picayune, not only do environmentalists want company records related to pipeline construction but also seek records their contract security firm of choice, Tiger Swan, is keeping related to opposition groups since the same companies that are behind Bayou Bridge also own the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

If environmentalists get their hands on the records not only could they slander the companies building the Bayou Bridge Pipeline but also have records of what properties will be condemned and how information about their activities was collected. This, in turn, will make it easier for green terrorists to avoid and better prepare to guard against detection along with finding more effective ways to conduct sabotage.

Using public records is also a convenient way for political opponents to use against a particular group or person in order to harass or intimidate them as well. If environmentalists get access to the pipeline company records, they can then feed information to sympathetic media personalities or reporters to conduct news stories to slander them.

This is a tactic that animal rights groups use against laboratories involved in medical tests involving the use of animals. They obtain records of the medical tests or inspection records and then sue or complain to state and federal agencies of potential violations of animal welfare regulations or laws. They also use the information find out the names or identities of personnel involved in medical tests which they can use to harass or intimidate researchers or their staff.

Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrialism agenda more and more. Their using the US’s legal system in order to achieve their aims reveals the ultimate weakness of their position.

Photo Credit:: A Colombian pipeline set on fire allegedly by a communist group.