Environmentalists urge feds to seize Bundy cattle

With the ink barely dry on the dismissal citing prosecutorial error and misconduct handed down by a federal judge about a case brought against Cliven Bundy for refusing to pay federal grazing fees, environmentalists are urging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to order the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to confiscate Bundy’s cattle.

The Washington Times states environmentalists cite the cattle’s threat of disturbing the habitat of the local desert tortoise (which is an endangered species) and alleging Bundy’s cattle are trespassing on federal property, environmentalists state that BLM should try to confiscate Bundy’s cattle after failing to do so in 2014.

However, what should be of note is not only what environmentalists call for but also the potential of abuse of the Bundy’s and maybe other Nevada ranchers at the hands of the BLM. Thankfully, a BLM special agent named Larry Wooten blew the whistle on the heavy-handedness of his superior, Dan Love.

Mr. Wooten accused Mr. Love of running “the most intrusive, oppressive, large scale and militaristic trespass cattle impound possible,” ignoring directives to the contrary from state and federal authorities.

Mr. Love, who led the April 2014 operation to impound 400 head of cattle, was fired shortly after an Aug. 24 report by the Office of Inspector General found he had pilfered artifacts, finagled Burning Man festival tickets for family and friends, and pressured subordinates to cover up wrongdoing.

“Approximately 91 percent of people charged with a federal crime are found guilty and 77 percent of people standing trial are convicted,” said the House letter. “The failure of prosecutors to achieve a conviction in the Bundy case raises questions about the conduct of BLM law enforcement and their ability to carry out effective, fair, and professional law enforcement investigations.”

The while incident surrounding the Cliven Bundy and other Nevada Ranchers stems from potential abuse at the hands of the BLM that, not surprisingly, took place during the Obama Administration and that calls into question the integrity and credibility of federal prosecutors who attempted to have Bundy thrown in jail.

Cliven Bundy is the last rancher in the area of Nye County, Nevada he occupies. The reason for this is the activities of the BLM at the urging of environmentalists and politicians friendly to them who have harassed and intimidated Nevada ranchers. With this decision, hopefully it will mean ranchers can rest easy knowing that it will be harder to have charges brought against them resulting from abuse of power at the hands of federal agencies.

Best of all, environmentalists are reeling against the court’s ruling because it means their agenda to drive Cliven Bundy and other ranchers has hit a snag with far-reaching consequences.