Online animal “rights” trolls harass Irish dairy farmer

Cork County, Ireland dairy farmer Peter Hynes is the target of animal rights activist online trolls after he posted a video of one of his cows giving birth on Twitter.

Upon his doing so, the Farming Independent reports Hynes was bombarded with insulting tweets calling Hynes a Nazi, a rapist and of stabbing animals in the neck because he used artificial insemination to impregnate one of his cows. He had to block over 30 groups that assailed him with numerous online messages.

Hynes is proud of his work and makes no apologies for what he does, nor for artificially inseminating his cows. He has posted videos to rebut the accusations brought against him, including a recent billboard campaign undertaken by the animal rights group Go Vegan accusing Hynes of mistreating his animals.

Hynes is one of Ireland’s top farmers and was named Farmer of the Year in 2017 by the Farming Independent. Animal rights groups attack dairy farms and other food-related establishments in hopes of undermining them morally and economically. In theory they hope their harassment and intimidation will result in shutting them down and lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation by depriving humans of dairy and meat products.