Animal “rights” supporters condemn Stephen Bear’s tiger play

Stephen Bear has caused a furor online after a video showing the reality TV star and professional wind-up merchant playing with a captive tiger cub during a vacation spree in southeast Asia.

According to the UK Daily Mail, on February 5th Bear shared his experience at Thailand’s Sriracha Tiger Zoo on Instagram. But rather than express praise, many of his followers were outraged responding to the images en-masse saying that they would be un-following the celebrity.

Stephen Bear was even scolded by People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA). The group berated his pictures and video as disgusting and that Bear is an ignorant tool for sanctioning a tourist attraction PETA says is inherently cruel.

In this case a crowd attempts to virtue signal trying to take control of a Stephen Bear’s life based on hysteria and false outrage just because he wants to spend time with an animal they would not normally be able to.