Environmental Laws Encourage Border Pollution

During testimony at the US House Natural Resources Committee last week, Arizona rancher Dan Bell testified as one of four witnesses that removing environmental rules that restrict border agent access would do much to clean up litter there.

According to Cronkite News, Bell stated that because of US Border Patrol agents being restricted in the manner in which they can prevent illegal border crossers, not only do environmental rules make an entry for them easier but it heightens the amount of pollution at the border.

The trash left by illegal aliens, Bell states, not only can damage or even poison or even injure his livestock but at times will light fires and even conduct property damage too. A news report about the testimony delivered is below.

Committee Democrats and environmentalists wouldn’t hear it. Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona said that enhancing access to areas for Border Patrol agents to patrol would be an abuse of power, while another committee member from Virginia said lifting environmental rules would endanger the health and safety of local residents.

A representative of the Sierra Club’s Borderlands Team even went so far as to claim that that trash at the border is easier to manage than without environmental rules. Both group of Leftists mutually agreed a wall along the border would make things much worse such as disturbing migrant patterns of certain species.

The hearing not only demonstrates the two competing political visions but also the moral bankruptcy disgust the Left has for human life (except themselves, of course). Both Democrats and environmentalists side with the savage over the civilized. They would rather Dan Bell, other ranchers and residents along the Arizona-Mexico border to be the prey of not just illegal immigrants, but also wild species, like jaguars, that could potentially attack humans.