Kendall Jenner Proudly Dons Fur … and Drives PETA Crazy!

In true, colorful, masterful fashion rebellious form, reality TV star Kendall Jenner takes a swipe at People for the Extortion, Torture, and Abuse of human beings (PETA) by donning a large, real fur coat while appearing on the DSquared2 catwalk in Milan, Italy last week.

The UK Independent states that PETA and other online animal rights activists were, naturally, furious! Fellow fur opponents took to social media to call Kendall’s act needless and cruel, vile, in which one hoped karma caught up with her soon (a death threat maybe?). Mimi Bekhechi, director of international programmes at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, called Kendall a disgrace.

This isn’t the first troll act Kendall Jenner has done. The Independent points out that during April of last year, she left a modeling shoot to join a crowd of Black Lives (Don’t) Matter protesters only to give a Pepsi drink to a cop who was part of a line of officers surveying the event.

Kendall’s move was interpreted as borrowing from Ies of Iehsia Evans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who protested the 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling. Unfortunately, Pepsi eventually caved and removed the video, but Jenner got her chance to show her humanity is broad-based and she rejects ideological groups.

Kendall Jenner was rated by Forbes Magazine as the highest paid model in the world. With the kind of guts and beauty she has, she should and deserves to hold on to that title for a long time. Keep wearing fur, Kendall. There is nothing wrong with doing so and your swipes and groups opposed to fur products should be a clear message to them that they need to get a life.