Environmentalists Sue Over Tree Clearing for Solar Project, Accused of Corruption

Like in many other instances in the past, environmentalists with the Pine Barrens Society in Long Island, New York are incensed that tree clearing is being conducted to make way for solar panel farm.

According to Newsday, the Pine Barrens Society’s head, Dick Ampler, is a party in a lawsuit to stop construction of the farm calling it a deliberate frontal attack on the environment. This followed by accusations of impropriety by both groups directed at each other (i.e. eating their own).

Despite the solar farm being a renewable energy source, it’s obvious the environmentalist movement isn’t split on the issue of renewables but whether or not mankind should be able to have the ability to use electricity to light their homes. The only difference is the Pine Barrens Society is more consistent.

With Earth Hour coming up in eleven days, this kind of feud is indicative of environmentalist’s true intent since both groups know renewable energy sources are not enough to meet people’s energy needs. But that is the point since, greens prefer humans to live in the dark and live terrible lives of suffering and even death.