Trump FDA pick pooh-poohs vaccine conspiracy theories

Good news out of Washington. President Trump’s appointee to head the Food and Drug Administration has ridiculed conspiracy theories about vaccines. According to the Washington Examiner:

Dr. Gottlieb was asked about this due to the President considering appointing Rep. Robert Kennedy (D-RI) who is a notorious vaccine skeptic to a vaccine safety commission. The idea was later sacked due to public outcry.

Fortunately, Gottlieb also has an inclination to push back against skeptics too:

“I have a history of not being shy,” he said, referring to several articles and opinion pieces he has written over the years. “I will give people my direct advice and science-based judgment.”

The environmentalist movement has conspiracy theories that act as narratives for their causes. The anti-vaccine movement purports a conspiracy with drug and pharmaceutical companies colluding with the government in order to cover up their allegations of vaccines causing autism. While conspiracy theories make people feel better since they help explain what cannot be understood, if examined critically they are truly stupid. Ultimately, what you feel maybe right doesn’t mean it is true.