Despite Popularity, Some States Have Declared War on Natural Gas

Two years ago, rather than coal, natural gas became the fuel of preference for powering plants that generatate electricity. However, its popularity has quickly diminished and using the fuel is under scrutiny in some states.

According to The Wall Street Journal, state regulators, renewable energy proponents and environmentalists are insisting that existing or proposed natural gas plants aren’t needed or should be replaced with renewable energy sources.

Nowhere is the attack on natural gas more evident than in California. There, state regulators are refusing to approve new gas powered plants and want to replace existing ones. Because of the state’s insistence on solar and wind farms along with storage batteries, state power companies have abandoned plans for new gas powered plants in the Golden State.

But the anti-natural gas frenzy isn’t limited to California, CMS Energy Corp. sacked a proposed natural gas plant n Dearborn after residents and environmentalists expressed concern about how it would affect air quality and, instead, want renewables. In the northeastern United States, the Conservation Law Foundation is litigating against new gas plants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Despite the attacks on natural gas, fortunately, most states (like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Louisiana) still welsome natural gas construction. However, at one point natural gas was considered a renewable energy source since it burned cleaner than coal or petroleum. Since the environmentalist campaigns to keep it in the ground, natural gas is no longer classified as such.

After years of using them, Germany has begun to back away from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The New York Times states that ever since Germany sacked its nuclear power plants it blew a hole in energy delivery which have cost utility customers dearly with massive increases in energy rates.

Renewable energy sources are nothing more than taxpayer funded boondoggles that cannot provide for people’s energy needs. The war on natural gas is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred of mankind since not only is natural gas is a means for people to have access to cheap, affordable energy, but renewables are another means to make mankind’s existence on Earth a living hell.