Environmentalists Use Fishing Monitors to Shut Down Commercial Fishing

Despite Congressional funding, a long standing dispute involving environmentalists and commercial fishermen over fishing monitors will continue. The dispute is over how the monitors should be paid for. Environmentalists say the fishing industry should foot the bill, while fishermen want the taxpayers to do so.

On the surface it sounds like a fight over subsidies but a deep dive into the issue shows why it is taking place. According to The Associated Press, the monitors travel on fishing boats that gather information for fishing regulators, but they can only be present during a fraction of fishing trips and monitors can cost up to $700 a day.

The context of environmentalist’s opposition isn’t to side with the taxpayers out of some noble stance for fiscal responsibility. It is to destroy the fishing industry overall with small, commercial fishermen who are the low hanging fruit that will be affected first.

Environmentalists oppose fishing since they seek to force people not only to embrace vegan diets but they prefer to defend the lives of fish over mankind’s ability to consume fish for meals that preserve and enhance their lives. The fishing monitor controversy shows another environmentalist attack, not just on people’s choice of food, but also on the food supply overall so as to kill humans off.